Design Process



The foundation of any project; by asking a lot of questions and gathering as much initial information as possible, this will allow us to define the projects ultimate goal and fully grasp and the needs, wants and achievables.


To start the building block, the following will be addressed:

Meet and Greet

Discuss current situation

Define your goal

Define scope of works and services
you may require

Assess budget

Establish collaborators

Brief Creation



Following from the foundation gathered in stage 1, we then start to piece the information together by deciphering and translating the information into a working action plan, such items are to be expected:



Once the action plan has been established, we then evolve the ideas and directions generated into reality. In this stage items included are:

Site Visits

Establish/set project milestones

Establish priorities

Space definition and planning

Concept Idea exploration

Concept imagery

Finishes research/ direction

Design Development

3D imagery

Authority approvals such as Council


Design Drawings


Finishes and fixtures selections




Construction documentation


Construction Site visits


Final Touches

The stage before the big reveal. Furniture, objects, art and final touches are addressed, transforming the project from amazing to breath taking.

Defect inspections/ completed


FFE (Furniture, fixtures and equipment) installation


Styling and placements